ML3 seminar / DecomNN
This curse is separated in 6 main sessions. Each of them comprises of 3,5 hour and contains analogy-based mathematical concepts, discussions, and practical interactive exercises. Despite including mathematical foundations, definitions and concepts, the main focus of this course is to foster a deeper understanding on how machine learning model are capable of learning various structures. Sessions can require preparations/ pre-class readings and/or include a post-class exercise. Those exercises will help you, to get a better start with your final projects. In the final session, we invite a guest lecturer for further insight into current topics in the field.
Guest lecture: The guest lecture in the winter term 22/23 will be held by Lukas Bonauer. He will talk about his experiences at DeepMind and address topics such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and the resulting safety issues and impact on society.